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How To Decorate Your Home or Wedding With Hanging Ceiling Decorations and Canopies

A ceiling drape or canopy can transform your site into a palace. Online companies exist that can ship you a wedding ceiling canopy for your location, anywhere in the USA. The most cost-effective option is for you to rent a canopy, unless you plan on using your canopy several times. Wedding ceiling treatments are a new and unique touch for weddings and they help to make your special day unforgettable.


wedding ceiling drape.When considering draping, don't just stop at ceiling draping. Wall draping is both effective in covering any unwanted wall space, or decorating behind the bridal table for example. Draping can radically lift or soften a site, bringing sophistication and an air of style that can complete your desired effect. Complement your ceiling drape with multi-purpose, yet elegant lighting products, including fairy lights or a ceiling swag light to create a beautiful atmosphere.


ceiling or wall mounted canopies. A canopy bed may sound exotic and out of reach. However, you can accomplish a very nice-looking canopy bed look by fitting curtain rods to the ceiling, placing one over each end of the bed. Attach fabric to each curtain rod, using tab-top, tie-top, pinch-pleated or gathered panels, and let it drape softly to the floor. Traditional fabrics for canopies are chintz, silk, velvet or tapestry.


hanging ceiling decoration. What child wouldn't love a room decorated with favorite fairy tale characters, super-heroes, sports, or pets? If you have a daughter, you might think of a tea party theme, a ballet theme, or have butterflies flying around the walls or hanging from the ceiling. A boy might like to have posters of his favorite basketball players, cartoon characters or safari animals decorating the space.

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