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Ceiling Stereo Speakers -- What A Wonderful Way to Save Space!

Leading audio systems producer Boston Acoustics, Inc. launched a new, three-way in-ceiling speaker system at the Annual Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo 2002, as its newest addition to the company’s VRi™ family of reference in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The VRi595 speaker system, rising into the same pattern as Boston’s other 8-inch in-ceiling speakers, features a commanding, 8-inch cast Deep Channel Design™ copolymer woofer, a cast 3-½ inch neodymium midrange driver, and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter that uses Boston’s Amplitude Modification Device™.


in ceiling stereo speakers.The original homes of the ceiling stereo speaker were workplaces, airports and eateries. Why are people now buying these speakers for their homes, in place of the usual, efficient and highly affordable speaker cabinets? There weren’t a lot of enthusiasts for wall or ceiling-mounted speakers in the past. However, they do save space, and they maintain the aesthetics of a room.


home theater ceiling speakers. Within a home entertainment system, if there were one item that perfectly divided opinion, it would be the loudspeaker. “Perfection” is completely subjective, though manufacturers continually struggle to design the perfect speaker. The good news is that in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers are for many manufacturers and their clients, the perfect compromise.It’s easy to see why in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are finding their way into thousands of homes.


grid ceiling projector screen. Complete your home theater with a video projector ceiling mount. Projector mounts are simple to set up and will provide some space in your home theater room. The Draper Aero Model 4 is a fixed mount designed for low profile installations. It places the top of the projector bracket only 4” from the ceiling line. The unique slide-on bracket installs in seconds and locks in place at the turn of a security screw.


ceiling mount tv hangers. One of the major benefits of plasma TV’s is the flexibility they afford in mounting and installation options. Ceiling mount hangers are perfect for installing your TV in the bedroom. With the inception of universal hangers, the installation process has been greatly simplified. The latest hangers have a more finished look to them, clearly meant to complement the look of the sleek flat panels being installed today.

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