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Wedding Décor Ideas
You've been daydreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl if you're like most brides-to-be - you want it to be just right, down to the tiniest butterfly wedding decorations. If your ideal is a wedding party on the beach, bring the beach to your wedding with large bows made from coral- and sand-colored ribbon, and attach a starfish or flat shell to the center to use as pew markers or to hang above doorways.
wedding décor ideas. Cheap Wedding Decoration Idea
Opt for an arrangement that harmonizes with your entire setting. Consider using our wedding draping décor with wide satins, delicate organza and grosgrains. Fountains, balloons, potted trees and shrubberies can be used as effective reception decorations. Candles help to add to the brilliance of your reception settings, and simple tea lights and votives improve the warmth of the atmosphere.

Free Wedding Decoration Ideas
You can use fish bowls with actual fish in them for table decorations. While not exactly free, fish bowls can be found at craft stores for as little as 99 cents each. The fish you can get at Wal-Mart. Place a couple of votive candles around the fishbowls to make the room romantic and conversational. Delight the children present by letting them keep the fish.

Tulle Wedding Decoration Idea
Your spring wedding decor can be romanticized with a little tulle. To add some glitter to your ceremony location, wrap your lights loosely in some tulle then interweave the lights and tulle around communion rails, your flowers, a gazebo, doorway, or wherever you see fit. You can also use tulle to make pew bows. Simply tie a length of tulle into a bow, leaving lots of extra at the end to drape down to the floor.

spring wedding décor. Decorations for Your Wedding
Whatever your style and theme, there are linens out there to complement it. There's nothing like amazing party favors to top off any big bash. Whether you're trying to find wedding reception favors, themed favors, or bridal shower favors, the internet is the place for you to begin your search! Bear in mind that along with the linens and china, the table numbers, place cards, and favors you choose will be a part of your table-decorating scheme. Here are some wonderful ways to turn your table numbers into a personal design statement:
  • Silver or crystal frames
  • Thick cards decorated with spun sugar or royal icing numbers
  • A charming pot of flowers as a centerpiece, with the number painted on the pot

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